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SCB13-2000/10-0.4 dry type transformer one-time through the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for testing of the performance

Guangzhou Zengyin Power Equipment Co. Ltd.    2014-02-14 16:30:12  Hits:1076

    With the development of the national economy, the construction of our country has made great achievements, but also paid a heavy price for resources and the environment, the contradiction between economic development and resourceenvironment has become increasingly acute, the State Council has issued a decision to strengthen energy conservation., to carry out energy-saving emission reduction work nationwide, and vigorously promote the use of energy-saving products. Nowthe energy-saving emission reduction is not only an important indicator forevaluation of enterprise performance, an important task is to our country and the world in the next period of time.

    In response to the national energy-saving promotion work, my company with the market demand, in the company of mature SC (B) 10, SC (B) 11 dry-type transformer production process conditions, product R & D department designed SC(B) 13 energy-saving dry-type transformers, and in 2013 November passed thetesting and certification of national transformer detection mechanism. Facing the market promotion.







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