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In January 20, 2013 our company product appraisal meeting was successfully held in Guangzhou City, Zengcheng

Guangzhou Zengyin Power Equipment Co. Ltd.    2013-09-05 17:34:22  Hits:1893
  Guangdong Province by the client, the letter in January 20, 2013, GuangdongProvincial Machinery Industry Association, Guangdong Power Grid Corporationproduct identification chaired get satisfactory results, through the identification of theproducts:
    SC (B) 11-50~2500/20 series resin insulation dry-type power transformer;
    SC (B) 11-30~2500/10 series resin insulation dry-type power transformer;
    SC (B) 10-30~2500/10 series resin insulation dry-type power transformer;
    S (B) 11-M-30~1600/10 series full sealed oil immersed power transformer;
    A solid foundation for the further upgrading of enterprises.



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