35KV wind (PV) power generation combined transformer

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35KV wind (PV) power generation combined transformer

Guangzhou Zengyin Power Equipment Co. Ltd.    Wind power transformer



             The low pressure chamber


        High voltage load switch


Product name

35KV wind power combined transformer

Product description

Characteristics of 35KV wind power generation combined transformer main: in combination of special wind farm transformer produced by this company

On the basis, in order to meet the high voltage wind power plant installed capacity of large energy to transport, and the conventional wind farm College

Combined transformer in different voltage grade, the main difference is that the 35KV wind power combined transformer the original constant

High voltage load switch, fuse gauge assembly special for wind farm transformer seal in the oil tank to a separate box,

Instead of using high voltage vacuum circuit breakers and fuses, to prevent the generation of arc on the box to operate under high voltage high voltage load switch

The inner insulating oil damage.

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