Combined transformer for wind farms

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Combined transformer for wind farms

Guangzhou Zengyin Power Equipment Co. Ltd.    Combined transformer

The name of the product assembly special for wind farm transformer

Product description

Wind power is a kind of clean energy, environmental pollution problems will not takegas, water, slag and so on, in line with environmental protection requirements, is a new type of energy in our country to vigorously promote the development of.According to statistics of China's reserves of wind energy resources can be developed for the 253000000 kilowatts, this huge market potential will be rapiddevelopment, special transformer wind farm my company in order to meet the market demand has developed wind power equipments. The beautiful appearance,compact structure reasonable, performance in line with the GB1094 "power transformer", "JB/T10217" and GB/T6451 "combined transformer three-phase oilimmersed power transformer technical parameters and requirements" and otherstandards. The product can meet the special requirements of wind power generation.

Product design features

1, the structure characteristics of combined transformer products, the high voltage load switch, plug fuse, transformer, excitation free tap switch, high voltagecomponents in a sealed box, comprising a transformer oil as insulating medium,small volume, excellent performance.

Special transformer 2, wind farm utility for coastal wilderness, grassland, desert,rural residents' access to nearby, in order to prevent the destruction of the radiator,the weak mechanical strength, steel protection by disperse heat hole cover strengthening protection.

3, the "T type cable assembly" parallel, meet the collector 10KV voltage side oftransformer maintenance, simply ribbed cable head itself off, does not affect the normal power supply transformer, can replace the cable branch box function,convenient maintenance, the cost of economic. "T type cable assembly" can be put in front, but also in the cable trench.

4, the tank shell surface treatment, sandblasting instead of ordinary pickling process, using epoxy anticorrosive primer, epoxy intermediate paint and finish three layers of special paint protection, anti salt spray, anti-corrosion, anti dust, antistorm ability, especially near the sea, grassland and desert zone climate bad places

At present our company has production capacity of 315-1600KVA, special transformer wind farm 10KV and 35KV voltage class.

Special security design

Special transformer 1, the front door of wind farm with dual anti-theft design,besides padlocks, door lock bolts with a special "five angle screw head" instead of"six corner bolt head", need special "five corner" socket tools to unlock, anti-theftfunction more perfect.

2, the wind farm special transformer by "one in two out", "into the three, four"connection scheme, installation for "cable T type cable assembly", the front side is provided with a removable product sealing plate, the sealing plate fastening screwsall adopt the special inner five angle screws, to be equipped with special tools toremove, prevent the occurrence of the broken danger, product safety run more secure.

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