DGS9, DGS11 buried transformer

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DGS9, DGS11 buried transformer

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Product name of underground transformer

Product description

The underground transformer is our company to market, after the domestic and international advanced technology digestion and absorption, combined with the needs of domestic users, quality for the harsh operating environment, can beinstalled in the ground below.

Underground transformer is divided into "combined" and "non combined" two.

"Combined underground transformer" equipped with high-pressure insertion, back-up fuse protection of two, and a high voltage load switch, no excitation tappingswitch, pressure release valve and other components, function more complete;

"Non combined underground transformer" compression side does not install thefuse and load switch, which is a more compact, the price is relatively lower product

Product design features:

1, the insulation, fully sealed structure, the exposed part of high and low voltageterminal through the high quality insulating sealant isolated from the environment,the local pit, even flooded underground transformer can still run safely in a certain period of time, can withstand the floods, can effectively improve the reliability of power supply system.

2, tank using 16Mn alloy rigid plate manufacturing. The comprehensive mechanical properties of 16Mn, low temperature toughness, weldability, cold performance is very good, can effectively improve the comprehensive performance of the tank;heat sink is made of stainless steel material, the tank surface spraying referenceship surface out spraying process standards, effectively ensuring the weatherability of tank shell.

Oil immersed type load switch 3, a combined type underground transformer is equipped with imported special lengthened, load switch with "two" and "four position", which realizes terminal power supply or ring network power supply.

4, after installation, no ground area occupation, does not affect the appearance,used for drainage, fire underground power grid.

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