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Prefabricated substation

Guangzhou Zengyin Power Equipment Co. Ltd.    Prefabricated Substation

ZBW series combined substation, is China's earlier introduction of European style box changed, the transformer, high voltage electrical equipment and low voltage power distribution equipment in the three part of the "eye" shape or "goods" - shaped combination, outdoor equipment in metal sheathed into. This series of products in comparison with the traditional substation, short installation period,covers an area of small, investment, and has the advantages of complete and strong, safe and reliable operation, beautiful appearance and the like, can be widely used in factories, residential area, the airport terminal, city lights,construction sites and other places.

The product structure

Of housing is an integral structure, has the advantages of firmness, heat insulation,good ventilation performance, dustproof and moistureproof, prevent the smallanimal:

The 1 frame and side plates, door with a thin steel plate bending welding, the baseis made of welded steel profiles.

2 the top of the tank is provided with a heat insulation layer and the ventilating duct.Around the box is a double-layer structure, the bottom is provided with a ventilationnetwork.

3 the top of the tank is made of a certain slope, prevent the rainwater storage.

Transformer room equipped with low noise amplitude flow fan, according to thetransformer temperature and the change of temperature automatic switching work,strengthening ventilation, to ensure the safe operation of the transformer.

Transformer room was equipped with a condensation controller, with each roommonitoring sensor and heater with condensation, prevent the wet season eachproduce indoor dew drops, to ensure the safe operation of power distribution equipment and transformer.

Conditions of use

The altitude does not exceed 1000m;

Environment temperature: the highest temperature of +40 ℃, the lowesttemperature of -25 ℃;

The air relative humidity of not more than 90%;

Outdoor wind speed less than 35m/s;

Ground inclination of not more than 3 degrees;

The installation site without fire, explosion, serious dirt, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.

Prefabricated substation can be used outdoors, and can also be used for indoor,widely used in industrial parks, residential areas, commercial center, public places,airports, terminals, subway, hotels, schools, hospitals, mines, oil fields and liquidity of construction sites and other occasions. According to the special use can also be divided into city municipal lighting with prefabricated substation, the city, the rural reconstruction using prefabricated substation, power distribution with prefabricated substation, nuclear power plant with the prefabricated substation, wind power generation using prefabricated substation, highway lighting with prefabricated substation, seaport and airport with prefabricated substation preinstalled substationetc..

Prefabricated substation has the following advantages:

Complete function, reliable

To cut off the short circuit and load current, short circuit fault protection can realizefull range, high pressure ring (including dual power supply), terminal, with high voltage metering and other power supply options, with all the features of the traditional civil engineering type substation.

Small investment, less land occupation, easy installation, quick

Save money: ratio of distribution transformer + distribution of the housing funds tosmall;

Province: small volume, about the same capacity distribution transformer anddistribution room volume of 1/3 or less;

Time: less than 1 months can supply, installation is simple, the scene just tighten the four bolts and connect the cable inlet and outlet can be.

Good safety

With fully enclosed design, product shell grounding, without any conductive parts of the outer surface, therefore no insulation distance, can guarantee the personal safety. Application of user needs, design can provide internal arc fault tolerance.

The use of environmental conditions

Altitude: not more than 1000M

Ambient temperature: the highest temperature 40 ℃, minimum temperature 30 ℃;the highest daily mean temperature 30 C. The annual average temperature, the highest 20 C

Relative humidity: daily average less than 95%; on average less than 90%

Ground inclination: no more than 3 degrees

Earthquake intensity: the horizontal seismic acceleration is not greater than 0.4m/s ²; seismic vertical acceleration is not greater than 0.2m/s ²

Outdoor wind speed: not more than 35m/s

Installation location: no fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and severe vibration

Other: Negotiable supply in the special environment for the use of the products

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