The beauty of landscape type variable

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The beauty of landscape type variable

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Product description

In order to meet the electrical equipment often put forward the users shall beconsistent with requirements of environment, our company launched this landscapetype combined transformer of new products, the products strictly speaking is a"simple European style box changed", is just the difference between its andEuropean style box changed is that the transformer body is different, the generalEuropean style box changed in with the transformer oil fire dry type transformer, high voltage switch cabinet equipment and special landscape type combined transformeris different, the body part of it with the common composite transformers are arranged in the same mailbox, high-voltage load switch, plug and back-up fuse protectionequipment, realize the ring network power supply without ring network the cabinetcan be, especially the shell adopts special glass fiber cement board insulation made of non-metal material, the weight is light, but its appearance looks like a small house with beautiful, a variety of patterns to choose from, simple and elegant, and tocoordinate with the surrounding environment.

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