ZG (F) S9, ZG (F) S11-Z (H) series of combined transformer

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ZG (F) S9, ZG (F) S11-Z (H) series of combined transformer

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Combined type power transformer
The first combined transformer by America related electrical development company. Call the base type transformer in America English, named Padmounted transformer, also known as the American box changed in china.
One, introduction
Fuse, American transformer multi ring net load switch, no excitation voltage regulating tap switch as part of a transformer is installed in the transformer tank, operating in the outside of the oil tank is easy to replace the fuse or operating load switch and transformer. The high side by can load plug elbow cable input power, outside of the oil tank arranged low-voltage outlet bin, bin space according to the requirements and adding protection device and the measuring instrument. All the live parts are in the box, no exposed live parts. Because the main components in the fuel tank, so we called it combined transformer, and not call it the box type substation. But the combined transformer has the function of box type substation. High voltage side is provided with six cable socket, can make the transformer access ring network power supply system, and the cabinet ring cage or cable branch box ring network power supply system. So, combined transformers, base type transformer, or the American box changed referring to the same kind of products, is the main transformer substation, rather than.
Two, characteristics
1 full sealed, compact structure, beautiful appearance, complete insulation, the volume is only the box type substation (European box changes) is about 1/3. Without the power distribution room, can be directly placed in the indoor or outdoor, also can be placed on both sides of the street and green belt, ensure the personal safety, is the power supply facilities, but also can decorate the environment.
2 double fuse protection mode of full range, greatly reduces the cost of operation.
3 terminal used in power supply and power supply, the switch is convenient, to ensure the power supply reliability and flexibility.
Multiple plug on 200A load current of 4.10kV tube cable head, in an emergency under load switch, and has the characteristics of isolation switch.
5 using the 9 type, 11 type distribution transformer, low loss, low noise, long service life.
Three, the scope of application
The traditional American transformer transformer centralized design in the box shell, has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low noise, low loss, high reliability and other characteristics, widely used in residential areas, commercial center, the light station, airport, factories and mines, enterprises, hospitals, schools and other places.

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