SCZ (B) series of epoxy resin cast dry type transformer

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SCZ (B) series of epoxy resin cast dry type transformer

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Product overview

Guangzhou Silver Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. in 1995 January fromGermany Trafo-Union (TU) thin insulation pouring transformer manufacturing technology imported high quality raw materials, using the German Hedrich epoxy resin casting production line, Georg core shear line, Stollberg foil winding machineand other advanced equipment and the German KME foil, Ciba, Japanese 30Z130steel casting resin Owens Corning, America sheet glass chopped strand mat and other manufacturing. SC (B) 8 series of products through two technical appraisal in 1995 October, 1998 May through the two product identification, SC (B) 9 series ofproducts through the provincial product certification in 1998 October. Products by the appraisal committee: the main technical parameters have reached the leading domestic level, and performance of similar products abroad. The SC9-1250/10 in 1998 July through the international pressure testing center -- Holland KEMA center of the type test. The level of product technology reached the international level of 90 time. SC (B) 8-30~1250/10, SC (B) 9-30~2500/10 is the State Economic and Trade Commission included "the first batch of national urban and rural power grid construction and transformation of major equipment required for the products and manufacturers recommended directory".

With the rapid development of economy and city construction, energy saving and environmental protection consciousness of people is increasing. In order to meet the market requirement, our company decided to start in 2001 May in SC (B) 9series of products based on the development of a new generation of energy saving, high safety and reliability of the SC (B) 10 series of epoxy resin cast transformer. This series of products in 400, 1000, 2000kVA capacity specificationsin 2002 March sent National Transformer Quality Inspection Center for all type test and special test including short circuit test, and one-time passed, marking the dry-type power transformer with our design and manufacturing level to a new level.

When the voltage fluctuation of power grid when the user, need to adjust the high voltage side of transformer tap stalls in order to meet the requirements of thestability of the output voltage. If required to achieve the objective in theuninterrupted power supply conditions, must use the load voltage SCZ (B) 9 series of dry-type power transformer, the series products have the following characteristics:

(1) the use of mechanical and electrical integration design of dry type vacuum loadswitch, compact structure, small occupation area, convenient installation;

(2) load switch is equipped with automatic controller, convenient on-site or remote control, can be provided according to the requirements of the user computerinterface;

(3) when equipped with the synchronous controller, can realize a plurality of on loadtransformer parallel operation.

Product use

Guangzhou silver Power Equipment Company Limited production of the 10kV SC(B) 13, SC (B) 11, SC (10, B), SCZ (B) series of epoxy resin cast transformer is widely used in the important field of high-rise buildings, petrochemical plants, power plants, subway, station, wharf, airport and other densely populated by and thecombined substation, 35kV SC (B) series of epoxy resin cast transformer forsubstation.

Conditions of use

Environmental temperature:

The highest temperature: +40 ℃

The lowest temperature: -30 ℃

The highest annual average temperature: +20 ℃

The highest average temperature: +30 ℃

Frequency: 50Hz

Altitude: not more than 1000m (more than 1000m above sea level can be designed)

The implementation of standards

GB1094, 11-2007 "dry type power transformer"

GB/T10228-2008 "dry type power transformer technical parameters and requirements"

JB/T10088-2004 "6-500kV power transformer sound level"

The characteristics of product structure

The high voltage coil: a multi section cylinder type structure, 630kVA and above acooling air duct, which belongs to non filler glass fiber reinforced casting system.

The low voltage coil: 315kVA and above the coil structure foil, resin end seal, the surface is covered by high temperature curing epoxy resin.

The core: the "step-by-step" laminated way laminations, pull type structure.

The clamp: shaped by stamping steel bending, compared with general clamps,structure increases tensile side, the ventilation slot, so that the iron core and clamp the compact, no deformation, good ventilation performance of the transformer, has obtained the national patent.

The shell is made of corrosion-resistant: aluminum, aluminum and aluminum alloycorrosion wear flowers grid plate material assembly, with ventilation and good protective properties.

The cooling system: fan with low noise, large air quantity, low loss of flow type fan.

The temperature display device: temperature display device has a display cycle hot spot temperature three-phase coil, display the highest temperature phase,automatic control of the air cooling system of start and stop, over temperature alarm, computer networking, remote display and fault memory functions.

Product selection guidance

The large-scale thermal power plants, large hydroelectric power plant, nuclear power plant and other important facilities in oil free distribution device is preferredto select the type of transformer.

The fire safety requirements higher places such as: high-rise building, port, wharf,airport, theaters and other densely populated buildings preferentially select thetype of transformer.

The compact site case preferentially select the type of transformer.

The oil immersed transformer emergency oil pollution on the environment to solve the priority selection of the transformer.

Outdoor box to the important building fireproof distance is not the preferredvariable in this type of transformer.

 and residential conjoined distribution station preferentially select the type of transformer.

The variation of environmental temperature is larger, or relatively low environmental temperature area, transformer with filler cast crack easily, give priority to choosethe type of transformer

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