S9, S11 oil immersed power transformer

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S9, S11 oil immersed power transformer

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Product overview

Oil immersed transformers for industrial and mining enterprises and civil building forone of the most important equipment in power system, it will be 10 (6) kV or 35kV network voltage to 230/400V bus voltage users. The product is suitable for AC 50(60) Hz, the largest three-phase rated capacity of 2500kVA (single maximum ratedcapacity of 833kVA, generally do not recommend the use of single-phase transformer), can be used in indoor (outside), capacity of 315kVA and below can be mounted on the rod, the ambient temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, not lower than -25 ℃, the highest the daily average temperature of 30 ℃, the highest annualaverage temperature 20 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 90% (ambient temperature of 25 ℃), the altitude does not exceed 1000m. If inconsistent with theconditions of use, in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB6450-86, as thequota is adjusted to the proper.

Performance characteristics

A, oil immersed transformer low-voltage winding in addition to small capacity with copper wire, generally by the cylindrical structure of copper foil around thepumping; high voltage winding adopts a multi-layer cylindrical structure, the distribution of ampere turns balance to winding, magnetic flux leakage of small, high mechanical strength, strong anti short circuit ability.

B, the core and winding each using the fastening measures, for height, LV leadfastening part with self-locking locknut, uses not hanging heart structure, able to withstand transportation of jolt.

C, coil and core through vacuum drying, vacuum oil filter and the oil in the process of the transformer oil, make the moisture inside the transformer to a minimum.

D, tank using corrugated sheet, it has the respiratory function to compensate for temperature change caused by the volume change of oil, so the product is not oil conservator, obviously reduces the height of the transformer.

E, the corrugated plate to replace the oil storage cabinet, transformer oil isolationwith the outside world, so as to effectively prevent and decrease the insulation performance into the oxygen, moisture.

F, according to the above five point performance, ensure the oil immersed transformer need not change in the normal operation, greatly reducingmaintenance cost of the transformer, and prolong the service life of the transformer.

The advantages and disadvantages of the products


1 transformer oil, good insulation properties, good thermal conductivity, andtransformer oil is cheap.

2, to solve the problem of large capacity heat transformer and high voltage insulation problems.


1, transformer oil is flammable, when may be burning, encounter flame explosion

2, the transformer oil is harmful to the human body

3, regular inspection of transformer oil

4, oil immersed transformer anti short circuit ability

5, oil immersed transformer poor sealing performance and easy aging, running inplace oil leakage is serious, affect the safe running of the equipment, and affect theenvironment

6, oil immersed transformer insulation level is low, according to a insulation design,manufacturing.

The use of the environment

Environmental temperature:

The highest temperature: +40 ℃

The lowest temperature: -30 ℃

The highest annual average temperature: +20 ℃

The highest average temperature: +30 ℃

Frequency: 50Hz

Altitude: not more than 1000m (more than 1000m above sea level can be designed)

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