Submersible pump for dry transformer

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Submersible pump for dry transformer

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Product description

This series of products is my company for various operation conditions of oil submersible electric pump developed a new transformer success. The speed change range of oil submersible electric pump is bigger, its supporting power of the two sides of the transformer output voltage variation range. General for the constant volume of 1000 ~ 2050V, * the difference voltage is 75V, a total of 15 files regulation. General outdoor desert environment. For shell for preventing * level must be IP54, must be greater than 0.2mm to prevent dust from entering the shell body, at the same time, there must be sufficient to ensure ventilation and cooling temperature of the transformer meets the requirements. In case both sides of the box bodyequipped with large volume of strong air exhauster. In the multilayer filter air inlet is provided with a detachable, around the shell body whose top is provided with vent holes filter. The structure of epoxy resin cast transformer, insulation class F.

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